Cancellation/ Refund policy

Online Cancellation

Any request for cancellation will be met with written support as fast as possible via email at You accept that when you cancel your membership with The Website you are automatically locked out of the site and your access is immediately terminated. You also agree and accept the complete and final loss of your profile, mail, and any other membership information that you should have. This information cannot be reclaimed or transferred to any third party. If you later change your decision you must reregister and pay for a new membership. However previous registration information will remain lost.

Our Refund Policy under Match Guarantee Scheme

If you have sent at least 10 Interests to members who have not filtered you and you haven’t received a single Accept within the first 30 days of becoming a Premium Member, we will refund your entire fee, no questions asked!

You can contact us & request for refund if you meet our Match Guarantee Scheme.

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